OSC Condensate Treatment

Wide range of reliable, clean and cost-effective industrial condensate treatment solutions. For all your low, medium and high pressure systems

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Reliable condensate treatment and drainage

Built on our long experience with air treatment, we can make our profound knowledge of both condensate treatment and drainage work for you. Expect optimal reliability

Easy installation, easy operation

Enjoy easy installation and operation with a complete solution that deals with your unclean condensate

Integrated solutions

Our OSD condensate management system is already integrated in the GA compressors, removing all concerns that come with condensate treatment

OSC Condensate Management System

Oil-water separators

Because oil poses an environmental risk, compressed air condensate must be treated appropriately. Our oil-water separator solutions capture the oil in compressor condensate so it can be disposed of in an safe and  environment-friendly way.

Clean and green – The new OSC oil-water separator

Too many oil-water separators offer subpar quality and minimal ease of use. No more! Atlas Copco’s OSC allows you to comply with local regulations and to protect the environment with unmatched filtration precision and zero-hassle maintenance.

Electronically controlled condensate drains

The WD 80 drain valve provides completely automatic drainage of the condensate that collects at the bottom of the air receiver. The EWD drains are electronically controlled, which means they monitor condensate build-up with liquid level sensors and evacuate the condensate only when necessary, to avoid wasting compressed air.