Atlas Copco won two awards of ” Sustainable Development Model Enterprise” and the ” Industry Influence Brand”

Atlas Copco won two awards of Sustainable Development Model Enterprise” and the ” Industry Influence Brand” at 10th Finance Summit 2021 and Sustainable Business Conference 2021, based on Atlas Copco’s outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of its own company, customers, and society.


Atlas Copco has nearly 150 years of experience in sustainability and energy-saving. The company continues to improve product efficiency and reduce energy consumption through innovative practices and makes every effort to realize the 2030 sustainable development goal by applying new VSD+ technologies on compressor, generator, and vacuum pump solutions. In addition, it also intelligently integrates physical controllers into the industrial tools and choose more sustainable, economical, and faster railway transport instead of air transportation.

Today, a new round of technology and industry transformation will not only have a profound impact on China’s sustainable development, but also will create many growth opportunities. Atlas Copco can make contribution to nearly all industries, and our industry-leading technology is widely used in compressed air solutions, vacuum solutions, power solutions, smart factory solutions, green logistics and other applications. In the future, Atlas Copco will continue to accelerate its research and development investments to help customers achieve low-carbon, efficient, safe, healthy, and sustainable growth.

The Finance Summit is a grand event with unique influence in China’s economic field which was founded in 2012. With the theme of “Growth”, the Summit 2021 attracts business representatives from many fields, focusing on social responsibility, scientific and technological innovation and explores the driving force of China’s economic transformation and development, and jointly opens a new era with sustainable development.

Post time: Nov-11-2021