Atlas Copco won “2021 Outstanding Quality Brand Award”

In June 2021, with the topic of “Quality Drives Growth”, IQF2021 International Quality Festival and Consumption Leadership Summit was held in Beijing. During this event, Atlas Copco won the “2021 Outstanding Quality Brand Award”

 Nowadays, the meaning of quality is undergoing profound changes. “Quality” no longer only refers to the quality of products, but also refers to the all-round upgrading of intelligent innovation, product functions, services, solutions and so on. In order to meet the changing and developing needs of customers from all walks of life, Atlas Copco, with a history of nearly 150 years, adheres to the quality and innovation of technology, and is committed to making every product and every service more intelligent and smarter.

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Intelligent manufacturing

In April 2021, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique business area launched its new tools – Tensor IxB series products which won Red Dot design award in 2021. It merges a physical controller into the tool intelligently and brings a new experience of tightening assembly by providing a more flexible and efficient, intelligent interconnection and convenient operation product design. It not only improves efficiency, but also reduces the need for hardware and equipment, and reduces energy consumption, contributing to the development of Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing and Smart Factories.

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Innovative Service

Currently, digital transformation has gradually become the main trend of global social and economic development. The new technological revolution represented by intelligence, digitalization and new technology is profoundly changing manufacturing . The launch of the Fleetlink GPS feature by Atlas Copco Power Technology business area provides customers with a more convenient, efficient user experience. With FleetLink, customers can check the number of registered devices, running status of their machines, and the location of their devices at any time in the cloud. At the same time, more detailed parameters related to the device can also be obtained by searching the device serial number, GPS number and other information.

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IQF Quality Festival is one of the most influential and forward-looking annual events in the field of quality and consumption. It aims to pass on the spirit of quality and explore the path of high-quality development of enterprises by gathering the strongest “quality” brands.

2021 is a year of special importance in China’s modernization drive. Atlas Copco will continue to empower our customers to grow and drive society forward with our industrial ideas. This is how we create a better tomorrow.

Our industrial ideas empower our customers to grow and drive society forward. This is how we create a better tomorrow. Atlas Copco is a global industrial group, founded in 1873 in Stockholm. In 2020 we had revenues of BSEK100 (BEUR 10) and at year end about 40 000 employees. 

Atlas Copco entered the China market in the 1920s. Today, the Group’s four business areas - Compressor Technique, Vacuum Technique, Industrial Technique and Power Technique are all present in the China market, providing customers with innovative products and service. In 2020, Atlas Copco China had more than 20 entities and around 6,000 employees. 

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